How Do I Know Thee?

God gave me that title and it reminded me of the poem, How Do I Love Thee? How Do I Love Thee is relevant too because this topic is about knowing and loving the God above.

How do we know our God? The primary way we know Him today is through His Word.

Living word of God

That was impressed in me over and over especially in the last couple of years. AND, because we don’t want to just casually know Him that translates to, we don’t just casually approach His Word. The best approach is methodical. By methodical I mean with a plan or some forethought about what I am going after. That could be a multitude of approaches. It could happen through being part of a group with His Word is the primary thing the group centers on such as a discipleship group, discovery group, Bible study, etc. There are many types of groups out there and most with great benefit because involvement makes us a more whole follower.

Each of us can certainly take off on our own initiatives with God in His Word and that is certainly helpful also. Whatever way He leads us at the moment is the way we should go. But go is the point because we need Him desperately and we need to know Him more than we do today.

It is through His Word that we confirm whether the themes from the trailer

A study Bible.

of the Lord of the Rings movies apply to us. How would we know that they are true except through His Word? We could not. So, His Word is essential to understand what is of Him and what is not of Him.

I invite you to stay tuned here because some of the content I will have up over the next months further invites us all into a relationship with Him through His Word.


6 thoughts on “How Do I Know Thee?

  1. Being in His Word daily is essential! We need to hear what He has to say and get to know Him. Not other’s people’s version of Him but who He actually is. I think the world greatly misrepresents the Lord, but His Word does not. Blessings.


  2. I affirm your call to know and follow God`s Word, and to test what we find in the world against the Word. Hold on to what has truth in it, as the Word brings to light. Blessings for your stand.


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