You Were Chosen (LR)

You were created by the God of the universe and you were chosen. How does that make you feel? For many years it made me feel special, so special, in fact, that I developed pride that I was chosen by God to bear His Name.

That’s not the correct response, but being chosen by the Creator of the Universe is weighty. It becomes reality to us in many ways.

Let’s think about what the backdrop is–for us to have been chosen by the Creator of the Universe.

We can look at a point when the Universe did not exist. I know that is hard to imagine but because the Word of God is eternal, it hints of what was there before the Universe was. We learn from John 1 that there was God in plurality. Many people label our God, a Trinity. Our God is the great Three in One.

The significance to your being chosen is that our Trinity, our Godhead, existed in three persons. The Trinity perfectly loves, respects, defers to, and honors one another. The persons love one another perfectly in every imaginable description. It is because of that love that you and I were made.

We see also before the Universe existed that God created angelic beings as worshipers and agents of the Trinity.

One of the angelic beings was strikingly beautiful and wise. Though wise, he became a fool in rebellion against His creator and led many other angelic beings in the rebellion. Then, according to many passages in the Bible, Lucifer and those he deceived, were cast down to earth (after its creation, of course).

Read Revelation 4 to see what Lucifer and the angels lost forever. Also see what you and I gained.

Genesis 1 and 2 focuses on the creation of man. Genesis tells us that we, man and woman, bear the image of God. We are made in His likeness. The great I AM of John 8 and Exodus 3 stamped his image on humankind.

As I am writing this I am thinking ahead. Oh my God, He created and then we trashed the creation. From a purely human perspective, the Trinity was dealt a double blow. Angelic beings rebelled and the one great angelic being deceived Eve and Adam. So we, like Frodo, Sam, The Ranger, and many more hobbits and humans in the Lord of the Rings are called into battle against Evil–Evil and it’s agents.

The temptation in the Garden changed the human heart. Now the propensity for evil and disobedience is ever-present. Does God know what He is doing? Yes, The proof is that He did not leave us in this state. He saw us in this miserable state and wept. In the Garden of Eden, He pursued Adam and Eve. He created a people through the seed of Abraham and pursued them. God pursues because He wants a people. He wants a people for fellowship–who love Him and whom He loves.

Never forget–angelic beings and humans exist because there is a loving God who loves perfectly and wants His people to understand Him, to emulate and represent Him on earth.

His love and willingness to pursue us, His people, led to His grand plan for rescue. He has chosen us and came to rescue us. Jesus, the Christ, made the way out of this mess. He made a plan: Hebrews 2. Redeemed us: Hebrews 10. Then raised us up to restore all things to Himself: Romans 8.

Reflecting on these thoughts lead us to greatly rejoice in what God has done for us.

We are raised up by Him to restore and bring to the Earth the Good News–a very tall order. Take heart and have faith, we are not alone. We have much support. See Genesis 12 and I Peter 2: 9-12. Once the restoration of the earth is accomplished,we will began to celebrate with Him. That celebration will continue and on. To get a view of what this celebration looks like read Revelation 21 and 22.

Now you may be really confused at this point or you may be saying, “Tell me more–I want to see more.” With either stance, there is a way forward. I covered highlights of the grand moments revealed in the Old and New Testaments. There is so much here wanting to be broken down and unpacked. That is the plan for the next several months. Come back often as I unpack the significance of being chosen by God to be a part of His plan and His community.

Isn’t Our God a marvelous God? His plan is magnificent! Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Any time you see LR in the title of a blog this year, it stands for Lord of the Rings. It’s a hint that the blog is about the themes delivered in the Lord of the Rings trailer.

Lord of the Rings Trailer Part 1

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