A Look at Deep Desires (LR)

As I look at the desires placed in our hearts by Jesus, the desires most often expressed in my heart are the need to see impact and to have significance. However, I realize that Jesus has placed other desires in my heart.

The desire to express beauty and creativity is in the human heart. My marriage revived Beauty and Creativity.


in my soul, but the world beats down the desire to express creatively. In the past I expressed myself more creatively. However, in the past, I wanted to be a lone ranger. I desired acceptance and recognition of my creativity. Sometime I received the recognition but there is a downside too. The puff and fluff in my heart was not a good thing. So there are plusses and minuses to the desire to be creative–mostly positive. Though I feel I have shut down in some ways, I am where I need to be in community and serving the community as opposed to trying to get recognition from the community for my attributes, creativity, gifts, and accomplishments. I would rather give, i.e., truly meet needs in others and then, if there is some recognition to go along with that, great, if not, move on to the next part of my story. Serving is more important than fulfilling my “need” for recognition.

The desire to be in community is also placed in our hearts by God. I have come to understand that God teaches us different truths when we are in community as opposed to not being in intimate fellowship. He reveals Himself through the community to the person. So being in a community is paramount to being a fulfilled Christian. I am not putting on you something legalistically, but I am promoting the ideal.

Now for a real life example: Here Teddy Bridgewater talks about a major desire to be WITH his mom and protect her as she faces her cancer. Teddy understands more about masculine desires that many men more “mature” than he.

Desire To Protect

In community God will grant ways to both express ourselves and to fulfill our desires placed in our hearts by Him.

God places other deep desires in us. We are not always aware of them. Seek what desires God has given you. Examples are: purpose, transcendence, to be loved and to love, to be pursued and to pursue, impact, significance, honor, respect, to be valued, to be understood, to protect and provide, to be protected and provided for, security, to come through, to hear well done. Justice and freedom, peace wholeness, completion, Home. Already listed above are beauty and creativity and the desire to be in community and family.


6 thoughts on “A Look at Deep Desires (LR)

  1. I support your insight that following Jesus makes most sense as a group project – correction, support, wisdom, learning, models, visions, fun…


    • Thanks Nopew. I believe a community, and especially a small group, helps us get in touch with our deep desires. Deep desires come from God and He uses those around us to discover and respond to those desires.


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