What are Feelings?

Our feelings/emotions come from our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and desires–both fulfilled and unfulfilled. Feelings are indicators of what is going on inside us. For that reason it is good to explore our feelings and attempt to decide what causes those feelings especially the highly negative and positive feelings we experience.

The best illustration of the varied emotions of the human heart was done by Dr Gloria Wilcox. Here is a link to her Feelings wheel.

Below is another famous Feelings wheel developed by Robert Plutchik.


If you want your own version of the Plutchik’s Wheel you may get a copy here.

Here is the way Robert Plutchik describes emotions:

Emotions are like colors and we only have a few basic ones, like the crayons in that eight crayon box like they give you at Friendly’s to keep your kids quiet. You know, your basic green, red, blue, yellow, etc. But like colors, your basic emotions can combine with other basic emotions producing all kinds of colors of different shades and different saturation. In other words many of our emotions consist of combinations of other emotions. (See related articles below for more).

Gloria Wilcox Feelings Wheel

Another source


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