Lord of the Ring Trailer Part 2 (LR)


Why do great stories like Lord of the Rings move us? They move us at a heart level because they speak to us in the language of our hearts. They move us also because they echo greater, larger realities. They get us in touch with the longings in our own hearts. They awaken or excite longings.

The four points seen in the Fellowship of the Ring trailer resonate in every person’s heart.  They resonate the four spiritual realities placed in us by God.

So, what were the themes on the screen of the Fellowship of the Ring trailer?

  • Fate Has Chosen Him
  • A Fellowship Will Protect Him
  • This task was appointed to you, and if you do not find a way, no one will! (spoken, not displayed)
  • Evil Will Hunt Them

The Road goes ever on and on

I’d like to take liberty to recast each of these realities that make them more meaningful to the Christ follower. “Fate Has Chosen Him.” According to Jesus, we were chosen by Him. I love that thought and it comforts me. Knowing that He chose me for a purpose makes my life significant and yours too! Are we experiencing that significance today?

God has a plan and He is executing it. The beauty is, He allows us to be part of His Grand Design and we have a part to play in His plan. (God have chosen you!!)

That brings us to this statement: “This task was appointed to you.  If you do not find a way, no one will!” God has given you a part to play in His Grand Design THAT IS YOURS ALONE. If you do not find a way, no one will.

Whoa!!! When I first heard those words, I thought: daunting. Too big.  Me??? I can’t!

I came to realize that there is more to this point than first comes to my mind. My part to play in His Grand Design is NOT without support. Aaaah…Rest…Rest in Him…Have faith…Faith in Him! I am not alone! I have resources that I did not know I had. What God offers is so comforting that I gladly, by faith, accept my role in His plan and take one step at a time with His love, comfort, care, mercy, and strength. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” He would not give me a role without also giving me the love, strength, and courage to come through with Him. That’s the kind of God we serve. He asks of us.  But knowing our nature, He provides the way for us to fulfill all that He asks.

How are you receiving these realities? Can you trust Him to do this for you?

“Evil will hunt them” Evil will hunt us! Evil is hunting me now! Evil is ever present. You see evil so A 3D model of the One Ringvividly portrayed in the Lord of the Rings. The Ring, it’s effects on Frodo and others, Gollum’s total obsessions with the Ring, the Orcs, the Uruk-hai, Saruman, and Sauron all are forces of evil in the Lord of the Rings show that evil is at work. Jesus said the Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. We see it portrayed in the Garden of Eden, through the Temptations of Christ, and in Jesus’ final hours in Gethsemane as he faced down Evil and sought the Father’s help. (Evil is hunting you.)

The eponymous Fellowship from left to right: (...

“A Fellowship Will Protect Him” Christ followers have a great fellowship which desires to protect them. We will discover so much more about that fellowship this year. It is a much more beautiful concept than I ever conceived.  The truth is that we, Christ followers, need a fellowship. The church is our fellowship, which meets needs not met anywhere else on earth. But I go out on a limb here and say that we all need intimate fellowship with a few close men or women. A fellowship which allows us to communicate our needs and desires and have them understood by the intimate fellowship.

Men, (excuse me ladies), we don’t sense that need often but that does not mean it is not real. There is a need whether we sense it or not. I can tell you that intimate fellowship is a real need for men and for women as well. It seems that women are more geared to open up and seek out fellowship and men generally are not. I am not stereotyping you–we are all unique.

I avoided close, intimate fellowship most of my life. I look back and see missed opportunities because I was not willing to open up and be free before God and my brothers. Only God can make that up. I did not find the role I was called to play during those times. Seeking out the fellowship is a way to meet needs and in the process have our needs met. (A fellowship desires to protect you.)

May God grant a way to have the intimate fellowship He desires for you. That fellowship starts with Him today.

Questions for reflection (with my answers):

What most stood out to you in the trailer?
Frodo’s support was agreeable. They supported when he stepped forward. They did this by faith, not knowing whether their efforts would help him.

What feeling rose in you?
I am thankful and grateful for fellowship.

What desires do you perceive underly your feelings?
I want to see truth triumph over lies and evil.

What will you choose in light of your feelings and desires?
1. Support the truth advancing in the world.
2. I choose to see evil suppressed and destroyed.
3. I need to better understand evil and how to oppose it.

Any time you see LR in the title of a blog this year, it stands for Lord of the Rings. It’s a hint that the blog is about the themes delivered in the Lord of the Rings trailer. Join me in this great adventure of seeing the realities of the Fellowship of the Ring trailer played out in the life of the Jesus follower.

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