Aurora Shooting at Bat Man Movie

Pierce O’Farrill, one of the victims of the recent Aurora, CO mass shooting, shares about the experience, how he’s coping in the aftermath and how he’s able to forgive the bizarre gunman.

Aurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in th...


7 thoughts on “Aurora Shooting at Bat Man Movie

  1. There is another one like Pierce O’Farrill: Emmy Award Winner Amardeep Singh Kaleka. Kaleka forgave the gunman and the gunman died by his own hand. Remember Satwant Singh Kaleka, a hero and a legend!


    • Hmm, his is not better than God. I don’t believe he thinks that nor do I. God did not kill. See my comment on other post.

      My take is that you are expressing a deep need for a God…maybe you just don’t know it.


  2. There is a hero: Jesse McCord Lewis. Lewis saving many lives that day. His mother, Scarlett Lewis forgave the gunman, and so does David E. Lewis! Dawn Hochsprung died a hero saving many others!


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