Atheist turns Catholic

Find her here.

I listened as Leah Libresco explains herself.   I like her explanation.  She IS right, youTop atheist blogger goes Catholic don’t explain morality via atheistic evolution.  (Many don’t know there is a form of theist evolution as well.)  But  becoming a Christ follower is more, much more that becoming a Catholic or a Baptist.   Anyone can do that.  Church are made up of very caring, loving, and accepting people in general.  So,  you can “join” almost any church you like.  However and but,  becoming a Christ follower is not a philosophical proposition.  It is a radical exchange process.  “I am giving up my old life for what Jesus Christ offers me.”  That process lays down my former self and takes on Christ.  I become His slave–He controls.   It is a wonderful, fulfilling process that places you in Him and He in you (John 17).  That is what he wants and since He is Lord and God, He is Master–the most loving Master you could in your wildest dreams could ever want to serve.  But,  that is the point.  He served us by dying for our sin and wretchedness. Now, we give over and serve Him.

So I rejoice in your raised awareness and I rejoice if you know Him.

God bless you Leah!


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