Power Though Divine Love

When Volandrea learned about divine love, by her own words, she became strong. She also says something else that is very profound. “You have to allow God to come in a heal your heart.” Have you allowed Jesus to heal your heart? If our hearts are not broken by relationship, they are more than likely “shut down” by some other interference.

“I could not allow what ‘they’ did to me to keep me from my purpose and destiny,” she said. She is so right on that point. Our past does not have to keep us down, keep us in prison and shut down from the love, strength, and courage that Jesus offers. We all need all of that from Him–not just Volandrea!

“You don’t have to hinder yourself from the purpose God has intended you to live.” Again she hits a home run here! So many Christians do–they live defeated because they have come to believe that is their “calling.” When it is actually the Evil One’s lie.

Yes, we have a false self, we pose, have craft defense mechanisms and we are not always authentic. But, should that stop us from ridding ourselves of all those things and moving into what Jesus is offering us–absolutely not. He freely offers so much. Pursue Him through prayer, through His Word and allow Him to show you what he has for you. You have a part to play, a role, a purpose which only you can fulfill. He will give you the power and strength to live as He intends.

What are you waiting for? It is out there! Ask Him for it!


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