Facebook and Divorce

I heard it today,  the Facebook website is playing a role in the break down of

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

FB logo (credit: Wikipedia)

marriage.  What should husbands do?  What should wives do?

Do we know what we are getting into when we get married? NO!  But it is now time that we find out.  God created marriage to demonstrate His love for His church.  Yes,  marriage, between a man and a women,  even when they are not Christ follower’s demonstrates God’s love for His church when lived out by His designs.

Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Other BIG truth:  When a man and a woman,  Christ followers or not, live out their relationship as God designed, they are happy!!!  That’s right.  They are happy and have joy.

Go for it men!  Go for it women!  Go for it!   You will be glad you did!  Don’t read the negative news about Facebook and divorce below.

Addendum:  In addition to playing a role in divorce, for many users it is making them lonely.

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