What if your Domain was Iran?

What if your domain was Iran and you were a Christian?  Even worse what if your domain was an Iranian prison and in that domain were only your handlers and torturers?

Dan continues to amaze me.   I love his story of attempted suicide (which God did not allow and for a very specific purpose).

Dan needed Jesus and Jesus came to him just at the right moment.

But,  the most fantastic thing about Dan’s story is courage and strength.  Dan exhibits God-given courage and strength and he makes a stand like few others I have heard in modern times.  He stands to defend himself and then the Holy Spirit takes over!  He faces Evil and then he faces Evil down.  He calls out God’s glory right in his court room.  I believe his boldness wins his release.  The Iranians were convinced that they needed to let him go or bad things were going to happen to them.  Who knows, maybe people in that court room converted that day.  Either way, this is a man who moved into what God had for him and God pulled through for him.  This is a dramatic story.  God is working , just as you see in this story.   He is working all around us,  we just need to wake up to the fact that He, God, is here right now.


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