Battle with Alcohol

Laurie Dhue is the only person to ever anchor at the three big cable networks. But behind her glamorous looks and rising star status, was a painful secret she hid for more than a decade.

By her own words here Laurie believed the lies of the Evil One early on: “I am not good enough.” Believing lies like that will cause anyone to attempt to compensate. She thought that alcohol compensated–that it made her more interesting to other people and that it made other people more interesting to her. Actually, the alcohol was taking her down without her even knowing it.

She came to a point where she knew she could not keep the pose up and truly turned to Jesus for His power and strength to change. He met her. He is changing her now.

She firmly believes, she is becoming the women she was meant to be and the woman God wants her to be.

Listen now. God wants to use Laurie to change you.


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