Woman Caught In Adultery

Read the story here in the New Testament
John (7:53-8:11)


3 thoughts on “Woman Caught In Adultery

  1. I always enjoyed reading this passage. There are two things that bother me though: 1. So many people misuse this passage. They cry “Judgment! Judgment! Who are you to judge? Only God can do that”, as if to use the passage as an excuse to keep on sinning-they always leave out the part where Jesus told the woman to go and sin no more. 2. It angered me that the woman was the one to be punished. Those people wanted to stone the woman, but what about the man she committed adultery with? Well, thanks for the post!


    • Neither the scene nor passis is about justification for continuing in sin. The main takeaway from this scene is that Jesus liberated her from her sin. Her accusers? Not sure about them.


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