Mother Basher

English: This is the portrait of Mother Teresa

That’s how he will go down in history to me. Christopher Hitchens has passed away. Yep, that is an old term, passed away. But he did. Maybe he WAS intelligent–I believe he was and he had great arguments. But, he was also heartless. Is that the way you want to be remembered? Is that the way I want to be remembered? Not I.

He will go down in history as the basher of Mother Teresa. I didn’t hear his bashing in real time. I don’t remember when he did it but you have got to be heartless to bash that woman. A woman who has done more to champion the cause of the downtrodden, poor and neglected than any woman in the modern era. Who could have anything against that woman? Was she perfect, of course not. I know Hitchens was not perfect.

Okay, it gets worse–Christopher Hitchens trashed/bashed Mother Teresa just after she died. That was a few years back.

I just found out that National Public Radio (I listen to them, but I am glad I did not hear this piece of trash they produced) reprogrammed the details of Christopher Hitchens trashing Mother Teresa. Okay, NPR, you just went down a notch in my book.

Here are the words about Mother Teresa from the mouth of Hitchens: “Mother Teresa is a very important figure, it seemed to me, to expose as what she was: a fanatic, a fundamentalist and a fraud. She was someone whose net effect was to make more people more poor and more miserable and more wretched.

An absolutely impermeable dictatorship that couldn’t even be criticized, let alone overthrown, that went on forever, that supervised and invigilated your every waking moment and would not stop torturing you even after you were dead. To wish this to be true is to wish to be a slave.”

Okay, so he went after Mother Teresa with viciousness. Guess what. He felt so good about his analysis skills that he took on God. His next books was entitled: “God is not Great!”   Hitchens was an arrogant intellectual and I can applaude him for not caring what others think.  That takes courage and there is merit to that type of courage.  Courage, however, does not make you right and I don’t think Hitchens’ worldview was the correct one.

He’s gone–defiantly gone and we can’t bring him back.  There are no second chances for Christopher Hitchens.  That are no second chances for any of us.   Make the best of what you have been given!!  Use your God-given gifts and assets for the most good.


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