Sandhill Cranes

Where were we yesterday?  We stopped by the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge to view a massive number of Sandhill Cranes.

The cranes already moved south from places like Wisconsin and other regions north.

The cranes are beautiful birds and so we wanted to share what we know about them with you.

They are hetrosexual and mate for life.  In fact, as we saw them flying–almost always there were an even number of birds together.

English: Two Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis)...

Cranes in Flight

These birds settle in the Wheeler Refuge because of the food source: corn fields are nearby.  We loved watching the massive communities of cranes in the refuge yesterday. One community was simply resting.  The remainder were methodically cleaning corn fields.

According to a local, they will winter there in the refuge.

Go by and check them out if you get a chance.  The refuge provides a heated, two-story viewing house.  It is very comfortable while the refuge is open.

The Sandhill Cranes show the glory and majesty of God in creation and nature.

Mating Dance



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