Climate Change–Clouds could Come from Cosmic Rays

It is now known that most cosmic rays are atom...

There are other explanations of climate changes. ┬áThere have been other climate changes in the past–that is, warming periods and cooling periods.

Here are some comments I’ve found that are interesting on the point and impact of the Cloud experiment at CERN in Switzerland.

“We’ve done experiments and these experiments seem to support the idea that cosmic rays are somehow involved in the climate on earth,” said Jens Pedersen, senior scientist at DTU Space, National Space Institute

The Earth is constantly being bombarded with cosmic rays, high-energy particles from exploding stars. The Svensmark Cosmic Ray Theory suggests that when these cosmic rays enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they help create clouds.

An active sun strengthens a magnetic shield around the Earth that lets fewer cosmic rays get through. If the sun is less active, more cosmic rays get through. And the more cosmic rays, the more clouds, and the cooler global temperatures will be. Continue reading