THE Status of Christianity

Note that this is not about the status of Jesus.  The last time I checked, which was really recently, Jesus was doing just fine.  He has not had a cold or really any health problems since eternity past.

This is about you and me and what we believe and how that fairs with other people in this world, mainly America.  These words aren’t necessarily going to be exactly encouraging BUT, data like this doesn’t get me down.  I want to face reality bluntly–head on, but I don’t let the brutal facts get me down.   Jesus is still the King.  He is Lord of Lord and remains risen regardless of the polls and the rise of atheism, etc, etc, etc.

Two headlines in the UK’s Telegraph

Britain is No longer a Christian Nation; Claims Church of England Bishop
Christianity Could Die Out Within a Century

A leading Church of England Bishop notes a 10% decline in attendees from 1996 to 2006 and says, “The church is being hit by a double whammy.  On the one had, it confronts the challenge of institutional decline, but on the other hand it has to face the rise of cultural and religious pluralism in Britain.” Continue reading