Are you a Lioness?

Lisa Beverehas a message for many of the royal line.  She talks about the lioness.  See what she thinks here.

Lion (Panthera leo) at the San Diego zoo

There are several reasons why this animal reveals strength and courage in women. She rises to gather strength, to greet others, to hunt, to be alongside other lionesses, to move her young to safety, to confront enemies that threaten the pride, and to walk with her king.  This analogy of a lioness gives the image of a godly woman.  “We are an army of sheep led by a lion.  Since we follow a lion, we cannot be timid,” she says.  Lisa says there is the time for a strong woman since there is an enormous amount of global wickedness and injustice. “It is up to the daughters to prepare to pounce,” says Lisa.

Lisa became aware of sex trafficking in 2007 when she partnered with Life Outreach. She travelled to Cambodia, Thailand and Mumbai.  Her heart broke over the magnitude of social injustice.  “Many of us are unaware of what goes on in the world. If our enemy can keep us sedated, the enemy can cause us to forget who we are…destined for triumph, victory and signs and wonders.”  It is important, like a lioness arising, to be fully  awake.  “When you are awakened, you cannot help but respond,” says Lisa.

While working with a personal trainer in 2008, Lisa discovered her body fat percentage was high.  Lisa says her trainer said she was “skinny fat.” Lisa didn’t need to lose weight; she needed to gain strength. She says many Christians are skinny fat, not physically but spiritually.  She says we need to raise the level of our passion, prayers and intelligence. “We are an army whose prayers ascend from earth to heaven as a mighty roar. It is high time we echo the lion’s roar.”

Ladies and women need to see this video.


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