Did Creation Really Happen?

This is not you typical review of data on the possibility of creation.  This is an interview with Dr. Hugh Ross on his new book:  Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

PR:* Job, so what led to your interest in Job

HR:+  this is the foundation of the rest of the bible I believe it is the oldest book in the bible

Job has much about science and  creation.  Job deals with scientific discoveries that are happening right now such as global warming and cosmic darkness.

Dr Ross speaks to soulish animals which are covered in the CBN article.  God designed them to please us and Job says to teach us about God.  Genesis1 talks 3 origins of life:   physical, bacteria and insects  Genesis 5 God created soulish animals to nurture human beings.  The third order of life is the creation of humans who are here primarily to worship and give glory to God. Continue reading