Arab Spring is Actually Islamic Tsunami

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According to one David Ruben, what we are seeing in the middle east is a Tsunami.  Watch out Christians!  Watch out Israel!!

“The ‘Arab Spring’ was never an Arab spring; it was always an Islamic tsunami,” he contends. “You look at Egypt today and you see that the Christians of Egypt are terrified. There were rumors that the Christians in Egypt were going to be building — horror of horrors — a church, and the Muslims went absolutely berserk. They started rioting and threatening the Christians and attacking them in the streets. And eventually, the Egyptian military government sent in the army and the Egyptian police, and they mowed down protesters and killed 24 Christians.”

And now it is more grime for the Coptics in Egypt.

Egypt’s military rulers blamed Christian protesters and “enemies of the revolution” on Wednesday for triggering the clashes that left 26 dead, almost all of them Christians. The accusation was sure to inflame the fury within and beyond the Christian community over the worst violence since President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster.

At a lengthy news conference to present their version of the events, generals from the Supreme Council of Armed Forces showed footage of priests and a Coptic Christian activist they accused of instigating the violence on Sunday night with calls for demonstrations and storming the state television building. He accused protesters of “savage” attacks on the military.

Many of those killed were crushed when armored military vehicles sped through crowds of protesters and ran them over. Other victims had gunshot wounds. The clashes outside the state television building were the worst between the military and protesters in the eight months since Egypt’s uprising and has put the ruling generals on the spot.

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