Redistribution of Wealth, Hail Robin Hood!!

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

He's a lefty, I'm a lefty.

Could all of this be true? What are we doing in America?  Can we even think for ourselves anymore?

President Obama’s policies have been all about redistribution, spreading the wealth as he puts it, a polite phrase for plunder.  That redistribution is in evidence from ObamaCare, to runaway government spending, to raising tax rates on “the rich.”

The results of those policies are in the latest Census report on September 14.  Median real family income has fallen all the way back to 1996 levels.  As theWall Street Journal explained the next day, “Earnings of the typical man who works full time year round fell, and are lower — adjusted for inflation — than in 1978.”

Wow, really?

This is not a political blog but these statements are from Forbes and they are alarming.   What is your view of what is happening in America socially, economically, spiritually, culturally or pick your component?

See it here.


One thought on “Redistribution of Wealth, Hail Robin Hood!!

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