The Pursuit: God Pursues Us

Molnár József: Ábrahám kiköltözése

And so, man fell. He has sinned and no longer has a vital face-to-face relationship with God his Creator. In the fall our hearts are hardened and we live in the Kingdom of Darkness. The Fall was devastating and the pain it caused is immense. Despite rebellion and turning from God, He does not give up on us. In fact, he pursues us.

The pursuit begins with God’s call to Abraham and His promise to build a family through him that would bless the whole world (Genesis 12:1-3). The promise was delayed for many years. I see much in my life that was delayed. I believe so I will mature. I try to control and take matters into my own grasp. That never works out effectively.

Abraham finally comes to a place where he felt it necessary to take matters into his own hands. In doing that, he fathers a son Ishmael with Hagar, his handmaiden. Yet, God’s plan for a son of promise still stands, and 13 years later God comes to Abraham to reaffirm and broaden His covenant with him. See the “repair” of God (Genesis 17:1-8). God comes to Abram. He walks with him. He affirms Abram. He affirms His calling on Abram. He then makes an everlasting covenant with him. God promises blessing and offspring. He change Abram’s name to Abraham.

Thus began man’s faith relationship with God. Faith is a difficult thing, however, for us to grasp and apply. Later, God exposes His plan for a New Covenant with His people and His relationship to man changes also. In Jeremiah 31: 31-34, God says that through the New Covenant He will write His law on our hearts. Now, we can look back and see that He fulfilled this many centuries later through invading enemy territory and taking the form of a human.  Jesus became the sacrifice for my sins.  His work allows God to write his words in my heart.  How great an expression of love and grace is that?  That is a mighty expression of love and grace.


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