Bezel on Bart

This video is not part of the Ehrman project but I thought that Bezel (bezel333 on youtube) sums up on some critical aspects of what Dr. Ehrman teaches.

What answers does the Bible give for the “problem of evil”?

Pastoral Bible (Chinese) is the Chinese editio...

Chinese Bible

The problem of evil has been made a “problem” by many people. Here Dr. Carson talk about the problem of evil as people understand it and then see what insights there are in the Bible to may give you some answers.






Is there a central message throughout all 66 unique books of the Bible?

11th century Hebrew Bible with targum, perhaps...

Yes, we have grand themes in the 66 books that make the Bible. The message is woven through the entire Bible and we Christians love the Hebrew scriptures–the scriptures of Judaism. Hear Dr. D. A. Carson on this topic, how he sees the central message of the Bible coming though.

What is ‘inerrancy’?

Most people do not know how to define regarding the Bible books–Inerrancy. Most Christians do not know how to define it. The issue of inerrancy is the principle or characteristic that has lead to many of the wrong conclusions by many about the delivery of the Bible through its manuscripts to the modern age. Please listen and learn what it is that we mean when Christians talk about the inerrancy of the Bible.

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Who will fill his shoes?

A quiet but great Christian leader just died.   Though I never heard him speak, I have read at least one of his books.John Stott  London is shifting quickly right now as John Stott is prepared to lay in rest.   He has given up this life for a much better one.  He will rest in peace because Jesus is his King.

God bless the soul of John Stott.

I have fond memories of his church, All Souls.  It is one of the great Anglican churches of all time.

Here are some quotes about his life.

The world famous evangelist, the Rev. Billy Graham, described him as “the most respected clergyman in the world today.”

John Stott has attended his local church, All Souls, Langham Place in London’s West End (, since he was a small boy. Indeed one of his earliest life memories is of sitting in the gallery and dropping paper pellets onto the fashionable hats of the ladies below! Many years later, and following his ordination in 1945, John Stott became assistant curate at All Souls and then, unusually, went straight on to become rector in 1950. He became rector emeritus in 1975, a position which he continues to hold, and he still preaches there several times each quarter.