Which is it Dr. Ehrman?

The picture is a Greek Catholic icon depicting...

Paul of Tarsus

I am listening to The Infidel Guy interviewing Bart Ehrman.  Dr. Ehrman has just said that there is no doubt that the Apostle Paul wrote Galatians.  Then The Infidel Guy comes back with almost a quote from Dr. Ehrman:  “Aren’t there some theories that say Paul really didn’t write it but had a scribe that wrote for him?”   Dr Ehrman comes back with “Every person in the ancient world who wrote epistles dictated them to scribes.”

Dr. Ehrman later says that he knows thousands of historians and he does not know one historian who doubts that Paul wrote Galatians.

Okay, let me go back and set this up after I have given you the facts.

The Infidel Guy(that is his handle on YouTube) is actually taking a line from one of Dr. Ehrman’s book when he says that there are theories that Paul really didn’t write Galatians but that a scribe wrote it.   I dealt with that as I was reading his book, Jesus Interrupted, here.  What The Infidel Guy is saying is exactly what Dr. Ehrman said in Jesus Interrupted.   But now, Dr. Ehrman is taking the opposing view:  “Oh, but, all ancient writers of epistles dictated to scribes.”   Then he affirms that we know that Paul wrote Galatians.   I don’t know how he can logically be in both camps–defending Paul’s authorship when talking to the Infidel Guy but writing the Infidel Guy’s view when he wrote Jesus Interrupted.

I know that when you get down to the details, Dr. Ehrman’s statements may make sense–but they do not on the surface.   And, I am sorry, both he and The Infidel Guy, do not give us Christians that latitude when they are on their game at trashing the Bible and Christian history.   No,  they just start wherever they want–taking quotes and facts out of context and making them say what they want to hear or what their audiences want to hear.

So,  from that side, there is lots of propaganda and no careful exegesis of the facts.

Sorry,  I just can’t let blatant stand on both sides of the issue pass. Why? Because Jesus and His followers are maligned with biased reporting from all sides.