Alabama Tornado–Tuscaloosa Fly Over



Here is the Tuscaloosa, AL fly over that says it all.  There were many lives lost and much structural damage.  Realize that the same tornado that made all the damage that you see, continued into suburbs of Birmingham, Concord, Pleasant Grove, Pratt City, Fultondale, Mulga among others.  On the same day Hackleburg, Phil Campbell, Culman, Athens, Huntsville, Cahaba Heights, Moody, Arab, Guntersville, Dadeville/Lake Martin and many other towns and cities were hit by tornadoes.

Update: here is a great video from CNN showing the damage:

Update: linked here is a tripline map–very good job!


Update: here are label photos of the Tuscaloosa, AL damage from the April 27, 2011 tornado.


7 thoughts on “Alabama Tornado–Tuscaloosa Fly Over

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