Harold Camping and Bart Ehrman

Papyrus Bodmer VIII, Original: Biblioteca Apos...

What do Harold Camping and Dr. Bart Ehrman have in common? They are both literalists when I comes to their view of the Bible. Here is what Camping was quoted on his view of the Bible.

Camping, 89, said of the rapture in a May 11 interview with New York magazine, “The Bible has every word in the original language … it was written by God. Incidentally, no churches believe that at all, they don’t hold the Bible in the high respect that it ought to be.” Continue reading

Why we need the Storm

I found this blog, Why we need the Storm,  by a woman who had been through the recent storms in Alabama.   But I did not connect her to the tragedy that struck them.

She is the wife of the man who is giving his story in this video, Mr. Crawford:

I am amazed by the people who can stand up and say what they say as Kelly does here:

If there were no storms, we would never rejoice over serenity.

If there were no rain, we would never fully appreciate blue skies.

If there were no darkness, we could not contrast it with light.

If there were no thunder, we wouldn’t enjoy the quiet.

If there were no turbulence, we wouldn’t need a mighty Stronghold, we wouldn’t know Peace in the midst, we wouldn’t cling to a Savior who holds all things in the palm of His hand.

I believe the picture you see in the blog if you click it is of their home or the remainder of it.

You can help the Crawford’s here:  http://www.bradrick.org/helpalfamilies/

Rape: when will men wake up?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn sur un marché à Lagny s...


This has been a week about rape it seems!!

We have the DSK(Dominique Strauss-Kahn) story that has filled the headlines.   If you don’t know about that story you can read here or here.  Then,  I just found this article where French women are reacting to misogyny in their media and french men attempting to put Strauss-Kahn’s alleged acts into the French context–read, explain away.

Supposedly, the French political elite can get away with rape and other sexual acts perpetrated on women or men.

Next,  I saw two stories of how young boys were lead into homosexuality through rape at ages too young for them to even be involved in anything sexual. It is graphic but you can see their stories here or here.

But,   this one is the one that gets me–the massive assault on women that is occurring in the Congo.   And,  the very sad thing is that it has been occurring for approximately 10 years it would appear.  Well,   the story out this week is that the number of rapes and sexual assaults is actually much higher than previously reported.

Men, wake up!!  Men, rise up!!  Get a life!  The sex drive is a strong drive but you are blinded if you let it drive you.   God help us all in this area!!!   The values of the pop culture in America are not helping shape norms which prevent these type atrocities either.  We are all to blame in some way–I am.  I am contemplating what I should do about this–personally and globally!!

Trailer to HBO documentary on the Congo

Second HBO documentary link.

Article on molestation in the Congo.

Danny Wallace: Freedom from an Abusive Past

Beauty in Contrast

This young boy did not deserve what he got from his dad.   What did his dad do to Danny emotionally and spiritually through physical acts?  I believe in evil and in this world, evil is constantly confronting righteousness.  This father, Danny’s father, was possessed by evil.

Do you need liberation from a dark past?  You CAN have it!!  Jesus is the liberator like no other.  You can give your life to him for the liberation that you need. Receive it just like Danny did.

Get help like Danny did.  He wanted freedom and he was freed from the strongholds in his life–you can be too!!!

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Is Marriage Dying? I think not.

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Okay, so some Hollywood-based female says something.  Why should we believe someone from Hollywood?  Why would anyone consider a “star” (of one sort) an expert on society.  Actually,  all we are getting is an opinion and in a free country–everyone can have an opinion.

Who said it and what did she say?  I am referring to Cameron Diaz who said:

I think we have to make our own rules. I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer.

Continue reading

Alabama Tornado–Tuscaloosa Fly Over



Here is the Tuscaloosa, AL fly over that says it all.  There were many lives lost and much structural damage.  Realize that the same tornado that made all the damage that you see, continued into suburbs of Birmingham, Concord, Pleasant Grove, Pratt City, Fultondale, Mulga among others.  On the same day Hackleburg, Phil Campbell, Culman, Athens, Huntsville, Cahaba Heights, Moody, Arab, Guntersville, Dadeville/Lake Martin and many other towns and cities were hit by tornadoes.

Update: here is a great video from CNN showing the damage:

Update: linked here is a tripline map–very good job!


Update: here are label photos of the Tuscaloosa, AL damage from the April 27, 2011 tornado.

This is the Bravest Man in Alabama

Damage to trees, homes and trailers south of T...

Tornado Damage, April 27, 2011

This young man’s dad died in the den with all his 13 children and wife. All other family members survived.  He tells his story very bravely and honors his dad and God very well. I could not hold up as well as this young man, Jordan Lee, does. God bless him, his neighbors, the Crawfords and Boyds, who also lost their homes.

Help the Lee family or other families here.


Tribute to Alabama Tornado Victims

Great Seal of The State of Alabama

State Seal

This is a collection of tributes to those affected by the Alabama tornadoes on April 27, 2011.  My prayer for those whom I know is that they would not get weary by all they are facing.  That they would not feel hopeless, thought they want to give up hope at times.  That they would not faint but would regain strength from God, their source.

IS 57:10 You wearied yourself by such going about,
but you would not say, ‘It is hopeless.’
You found renewal of your strength,
and so you did not faint.

There is a new day today Alabama!! Look up and see it.

I love gospel music

Shelter from the Storm

There are some gut wrenching and heart breaking stories coming out of the Southern storms of April, 2011.  here is just one of them if you care to listen.  There is some redeeming value here or I would not pass it along.  If you love baseball you will love this story.   If you love people you will love this story.