Richard Dawkins and Atheism–is there an alternative?

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Richard Dawkins think we have real threats in the world.   We do!!! But David Robertson surprises Dawkins with his counter here to the “sky is falling” mantra of Dawkins.  Take a look and see if you agree.

Burn the Qur’an Day

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I just talked about my Ramadan experience here and gave the local Islamic Society a tough time but I do believe they deserved it because of the way they conducted our  meeting with them.   They could have done a much better job of explaining Islam to our group.  I believe they short changed us because there is great things the could have put on display for us that they did not do.

Now I am dealing with one of those individual Christians in our land who thinks he has an answer that will turn the tide of Islamic advancement–He is going to burn a Qur’an on September 11th of this year.  This is bad, bad, bad.   See him here.  This is sterotyping but I rank him with the Westborough Baptist people who make extremist statements about current issues.  See this link for more right-headed thinking.  Christians don’t need to call attention to our bad attitudes,  we need to confess them as sins and ask God to give us right thinking about people.   Christians are the worst stereotypers.   We tend to classify people in a way that does not reflect how God views them.  If we believe that people do not know God but that God indeed does love them, then our thinking about them should focus on how it could be that God would have us be instruments in the process of helping them see His light.  At a minimum “do no harm” to His

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message and to their perspective on Him by wrong words or actions on our part.

Who is planning to burn the Qur’an?  Pastor Terry Jones, Dove Outreach Center.

Here is how muslims and Christians should get along!