Ramadan in America–the new Medina

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This is the Ramadan season all over the world for all Muslims–so far as I know.   All Muslims I have met celebrate Ramadan.

We did our part by visiting a local Islamic Center in Birmingham.  I don’t believe that what we saw was a typical part of the celebration for Ramadan.  It was a promo for Islam in that there were a few men who showed up for the prayers which we attended,  but by the time we left, the musjid was full of people gathering for prayer.

We were invited in by the imam to see prayers and to here a discussion on any topic we would like to here discussed.  Our leader chose the concept of jihad in Islam.  In the minds of those muslims present, jihad concerned their political system more than it related to Islamic theology.  I will say that I have heard wonderful discourse on jihad from muslims but the imam and his support person chose to take the conversation to the politics of war rather than to discuss the Quranic and hadith underpinnings of jihad for them.  So the discussion was not as fruitful as it could have been.  

At the end of the discussion we heard a “pleasant” rant from the local islamic


society president about the politics of jihad.   I say “pleasant” because it was not intense by the man confessed he was on a soap box.

That man IS an American citizen yet he blames the USA government for the ‘911’ attack on the World Trade Center towers.   He thinks the US government by international policies brought to  attacks to the US.  But that little rant and the discourse of the Imam, Raed Awad, let me know that these men, though not as militant as Al Queda or the Muslim brotherhood, ultimately stand for the same islamic principles that these groups stand for.  That is,   for the reinstatement of an Islamic caliphate powerful enough to rule a majority of the world.  They too believe that an Islamic caliph should rule the world and every culture and other religious group should be in submission to this ruler.

Their view of the world rests more in a history that most people in the world do not know or understand.  They believe that the Western nations, i.e., America, Canada, and Western Europe should see retribution for what they did in the early 1900’s.  At that time primarily Britain and France but maybe other European nations were involved in a segmentation of what was a united Caliphate that included the land mass from Iran to Algeria and up to Hungary.   The situation is complicated and involved several wars and subsequent treaties between powers but the fall out of the break up of the Caliphate is that groups like the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim brotherhood of Egypt, and Al Queda jihadist believe that western nations under mined the Caliphate and inserted themselves in sitations  that should have only involved muslim leadership.

Okay, back to the celebration of Ramadan.  The whole concept of fasting and contemplation during a month of the year is commendable and honorable.  Doing that does not make anyone superior to those do do not do that every year.  There are many other commendable aspects of Islam which I won’t go into right now.  Ramadan is important to the Islamic Ummah and helps to promote  unity within the Ummah.

Why did I refer to America and the new Medina?  Because, based on what I hear in American and from around the world, many muslim leaders view the west and particularly America as a site from which they will launch action in their conquest of the remainder of the world.  America has great resources.   They value those resources as much as any other group values them and will use those resources to conquer the remainder of America, Canada and other lands.  This will be a peaceful conquest through birth rate mostly but they will use forceful means when it is to their advantage.  It is interesting to note that the building where we observed their celebration is a converted church building.  Muslims have bought church buildings throughout Europe, Canada and America to establish their Centers, Musjids and Mosques.

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You see,  that is what Muhammad did when he moved up to Medina.  He conquered the smaller Medina and from Medina launched wars to ultimately conquer Mecca, his home city.   It is from Mecca, then,  that all we see in the world today that is Islam was birthed.

From the local Islamic Society president:  “We open ourselves to explaining our faith.”

“So you see, what America is doing in Iraq we consider Jihad against muslims.”

“911 was a result of the CIA not continuing to support the mujahideen in Afghanistan.”

Is Islam Compatible?

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