Ramadan in America–the new Medina

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This is the Ramadan season all over the world for all Muslims–so far as I know.   All Muslims I have met celebrate Ramadan.

We did our part by visiting a local Islamic Center in Birmingham.  I don’t believe that what we saw was a typical part of the celebration for Ramadan.  It was a promo for Islam in that there were a few men who showed up for the prayers which we attended,  but by the time we left, the musjid was full of people gathering for prayer.

We were invited in by the imam to see prayers and to here a discussion on any topic we would like to here discussed.  Our leader chose the concept of jihad in Islam.  In the minds of those muslims present, jihad concerned their political system more than it related to Islamic theology.  I will say that I have heard wonderful discourse on jihad from muslims but the imam and his support person chose to take the conversation to the politics of war rather than to discuss the Quranic and hadith underpinnings of jihad for them.  So the discussion was not as fruitful as it could have been.   Continue reading