Sex Trafficking and the World Cup

A woman walks past a giant anti-human trafficking campaign poster displayed at an Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, Thailand (file photo)

I’ve been very concerned this week about a stat I heard regarding the number of young women and children who were made slaves for the World Cup in South Africa.  The number was staggering to me!!!  I don’t want to quote it here.
So I did some searching on the net and found conflicting tales.

Loren Landau, director of the Forced Migration Studies Program, tells VOA that warnings that tens of thousands would be trafficked during the World Cup were alarmist and not substantiated by the evidence.  He adds that the evidence shows that during the 2006 World Cup in Germany a total of five people were trafficked – when predictions had suggested 40,000 would be.

To the researcher though, sex work is legitimate.  Though it is a crime in South Africa he thinks sex work is legitimate work.   And he says that these sex slaves want to do that, be sex slaves,  over other work.

Landau says some may have become sex workers because other work was not available to them, and that many sex workers are exploited – but that most have not been trafficked.

Here is the bottom line on what Mr. Landau thinks:

Landau says if migration to South Africa was made easier and sex-work decriminalized it would greatly reduce the opportunities to exploit foreigners and ensure that in time they are able to contribute more to the economy.

This is not my view of economics, law and exploitation.

How about some words from a man who was in the business in South Africa but is now trying to save some of those who are trafficked.  The number of those trafficked for the World Cup is over 50,000 women and children according to the former trafficker in this video.

And take a look at this South African add against trafficking!!!  Let children educate you on the scope and harm caused by sex trafficking.

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