More Tears

It has been awhile since I’ve been writing but I am back at it.  The summers bring different activities for almost everyone and I certainly had mine.

It was so good to get back to London this summer–expensive though it is.  The reason I like London is because you can go to one city and see the world.  Yes,  many, mnay ethnic groups are represented in this city.

Yes I got down to see some of the sites but I went this time to minister to missionaries and a couple of ethnic groups in West London.  I encountered Sikhs, Hindus, Jaines, Muslims, Punjabis, Gujaritis, Pakistanis and Somalis to name a few.  They were all enjoyable, even adorable.

There is another ethnic group that is adorable in God’s eyes:  the Jews.  I come to the Jews because I have been reading a very good book outlining a great case for the historical Jesus by Lee Strobel called The Case for the Real Jesus.

Today I get to the chapter where Lee interviews Dr Michael Brown–one of my favorite apologists for the faith.   In his interview he reflected back to a conference which occurred 150 years ago and words of a Scots Presbyterian who answered the question:  “To reach out to the Jews, what’s the most pressing need?”  “More tears” came the reply.  That response reflects the attitude needed to reach out to Jews–not that they in any way are a target–and that is to humbly show them what is stated in the Old Testament or Tanakh about the Messiah.  It is amazing what is there and as one reads it, the fulfillment of many passages in the Tanakh are seen in the person of Jesus.

I plan to cover more coming from the interview with Michael Brown who has been professor at several major universities and now heads his own organization for training and equipping Christians for ministry.


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