Only The Word of God Can do this?

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Sometimes 1 pictures is worth 1000 words. This is one of those pictures.

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What does this picture do for you?  Are you sensing Jesus through His Word embracing you as this?  Do you want to experience Jesus this way?

I am spending this year, 2013, diving into the Word of God and longing through this experience to sense His work in my heart and life.  This has been extreme pleasure and joy.  Feel free to comment.

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This is Discipleship

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Here we have much food for thought regarding the making of disciples. Please take this to heart, reflect on the impact to you and your domain.

Lectio Divina

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Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading)

Lectio Divina is a method of slowing down and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead your reading of the Word. Read as if you have a love letter in your hand–you do! Allow the words which are weighty and meaningful to you now to sink into your soul, to feed your soul. Read each sentence thoughtfully and slowly. Be expectant. Expect God to address you with a personal message just for you, for your day. This has happened to me time and time again. Think: “what are you saying to me now?” Before you begin, pause, reflect on the goodness of God, and pray for this time with Him. More

Ephesians One


I stepped to the side of my bed and picked up notes from a Sunday School class. I was searching. Vaguely I knew I wanted to get in the Word but I didn’t know where. The notes came from a friend of mine who taught the class and my eyes moved over to the references: “Ephesians 1.” That caught my eye.

I turned there in my Bible and the rest is history. I stayed in Ephesians 1 for a long season. I love that chapter. I found joy, love, grace, holiness, mercy, laughter, sorrow, bliss, and worship there. The words of what I call the proclamation, 1:3-14, still echo in my soul today. These verses remind me who I am and what Jesus, the Christ, has done in my behalf. More

How to Read The Bible

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Perspectives on the Bible

Reading the Bible is a good thing.



I love the Book!!!

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Spending every single day in the Bible has changed the way Brian Hardin lives, the way he treats his wife and children. Staying in the Word constantly has given Brian a great passion for the Bible.

I don’t know Brian Hardin so I can’t endorse him as a person but he has it right here and I am with Him! I want to go deeper into the heart of God and the way in is the living Word He left allowing us to see His heart.

God bless you in your adventure with Him. The value of the themes of The Lord of the Rings trailer are hidden for us on God’s Word. Getting in and digging out what God wants to say to you is the way to make His themes in your life come alive. Dig in today. Go for it!!


You Were Chosen (LR)


You were created by the God of the universe and you were chosen. How does that make you feel? For many years it made me feel special, so special, in fact, that I developed pride that I was chosen by God to bear His Name.

That’s not the correct response, but being chosen by the Creator of the Universe is weighty. It becomes reality to us in many ways.

Let’s think about what the backdrop is–for us to have been chosen by the Creator of the Universe.

Let’s look back to epochs when the Universe did not exist. I know that is hard to imagine but because the Word is eternal, it hints of what was there before the Universe was. We learn from John 1 that there was God in plurality. Many people label our God, a Trinity. Our God is the great Three in One.


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