Learning to Cope: How not to be Authentic


In the 5th grade something happened in the school cafeteria which I observed along with many other

English: Some ketchup on a plate, looking like...

students.  Two boys were playing with red plastic ketchup bottles after lunch before the bell rang and one of them figured out that if you squeezed the bottle fast enough and with enough pressure–you could make the ketchup hit the ceiling.  He did that a couple of times with many students looking on.

At the supper table that night  this topic came up and my dad was curious about what happened and who was involved.  So, he asked questions to find out what happened and who did it.  He then decided to call the principal after supper and tell him what happened.  When he came back to the den, not thinking about how it might play out the next day at school, he didn’t give me any advice or guide me about  anything to say if someone asked about what he told the principal.


Return of the Prodigal Son: Meet the Father


Jason Hildebrand on the father of the prodigal son

According to Nouwen (The Return of the Prodigal Son), this parable of Jesus is less about the sons and all about the character of the father–his infinite compassion, unconditional love, everlasting forgiveness–all divine realities, emanating from a Father who is the creator of the universe.  Yes, the father of the two sons does represent our Father in Heaven.


Kevin Lost it All

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… then he gained something he never dreamed could be.

Kevin Thompson has a very powerful testimony. Watch this video which was produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Kevin’s life and what he went through before becoming a Christian.


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How to win back your family!!

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ancient roman marriage

Roman Marriage

Husbands wake up!! I used to be this way towards my wife. I needed to change and God had his way of getting my attention. Watch how he get Brian’s attention and how he turned around.

This is the Bravest Man in Alabama


Damage to trees, homes and trailers south of T...

Tornado Damage, April 27, 2011

This young man’s dad died in the den with all his 13 children and wife. All other family members survived.  He tells his story very bravely and honors his dad and God very well. I could not hold up as well as this young man, Jordan Lee, does. God bless him, his neighbors, the Crawfords and Boyds, who also lost their homes.

Help the Lee family or other families here.



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