Alert!! Is the Greek New Testament Reliable?

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Archaeology is solidifying the reliability the canon of New Testament Letters and Gospels

The recto of Rylands Library Papyrus P52 from ...

with every finding.

Early, early, early fragments of the Gospel of Mark may have been found. Dr. Daniel Wallace reveals the findings in a debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman.  Read more here.

Craig Bloomberg has studied and written extensively on the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts.   See the list of 59 facts about the Gospel of John which are shown to be historically probably by author Craig Bloomberg.

Is John’s Gospel Reliable?  Go at the Gospel of John in a totally different approach!

Good News Now — Year in Review

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Here are just some of the topics we had going in 2011 where there were more than just a blog about a topic.  Feel free to peruse the blog and search all you like.

Names, Titles and Characters of Jesus Christ

Do you really want to counter Dr.Bart Ehrman?

On Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus

Imprisoned in Iran and Lived to Tell About It

Homosexuality Today


Pornography Issues

Eliza Doolittle

Pomplamoose Music

What Should Students Do with Bart Ehrman’s Book?

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Dr. Wallace has some good thoughts here.   Why not try him on for a change?

Dr. Wallace

Bezel on Bart

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This video is not part of the Ehrman project but I thought that Bezel (bezel333 on youtube) sums up on some critical aspects of what Dr. Ehrman teaches.

How can we reconcile the Old Testament God and the New Testament God?

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fragment of the manuscript "Codex Regius&...

Fragment of Codex Regius

This is another of the videos from great Christian scholars that are a part of the Ehrman Project. Dr. Carson deals with some difficult topics in the Ehrman Project. Here he attempts to reconcize some of the tougher contrasts between the Old and New Testaments.

Bock On Quirinius’ Census, did Dr. Ehrman analyze correctly?

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Wow, now Jesus is taking heat for all the censuses taken in the early 1st Century.

How did we get the New Testament?

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With no scripture in place, what controlled doctrine in the 1st century?

Here is Dr. Darrell Bock on how the gospels and letters of the New Testament came together.  Dr. Bock provides context and some of the important points related to how we know these manuscripts contain great and correct doctrine and data regarding the life and teachings of Jesus.  Most of these critical points, people like Crossan, Spong, and Ehrman simply skip or ignore.

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