Returning to the Father of the Prodigal Son:

Here is a perfect example of a follower of Jesus who saw the Father’s Heart and then became the Father’s Heart to others. This story so exemplifies what Jesus was depicting in the parable of the Prodigal Son or parable of the Two Lost Sons.

Rembrandt, The Return of the Prodigal Son, 166...

From Tom’s words:
“I wanted fatherless kids or kids from broken homes to know that God is a father. He loves them. He’ll heal them, just like he did for me. I was deep in my sin and the junk that was in my life. I had no hope, and God just healed those places. He said, ‘You can trust Me. I’ll be your father. Even though you’ve never had a father, I will teach you what it is like. God has proved Himself as my father. He has reaffirmed who He is in my life. He has taught me the things I needed to learn when I needed to learn it from a father. He has been faithful. “

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